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MUKESHIMANA Claude Head of English and Communication Department

MUKESHIMANA Claude Head of English and Communication Department


IPRC/KCT English department and communication skills are in service department within the campus aims at:

1.       1 Empowering students with English as the language of instruction in technical education for career opportunities and economic development.

2.       2 Diagnose technical needs on the ground and facilitate the use of English language to provide technical and vocational solution in Rwanda

3.       3 To assess and grade students to produce competent and faithful technicians

4.       4 To enhance professionalism and virtue to meet social economic needs.

In the framework of sustaining IPRC to achieve it mission, English, department and communication  skills tailored modules whose content cater for English for Technology. The modules taught during the first two years are designed to help students become comfortable using English as a common language in the field s of technology  in a highly interactive learning  environment, mixing group and individual work in class and out of class  activities. Students improve their overall English language skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing) as well as the critical things, oral presentation, interviewing research skills needs as future engineers and technical experts. Students increase their awareness of issues and concerns of business in emerging technologies.

English ability acquired throughout the studies make students productive, creative and confident in the use of technology and understands the impact of technology in the region and worldwide; and aware of the work environment, that is, they are equipped with skills, knowledge and understanding to evaluate potential career options and pathways. They are able to develop work related skills, develop values and attitudes about work, employment and the workplace as well. Thus English for technology taught and learnt enable them to take their place as confident communicator, critical and imaginative thinkers, lifelong and active participant in technology field.